A discussion of the solutions to solve the dead beat dads problem

In fact, one out of every four parents who are owed child support gets nothing; and parents who owe it reportedly pay less than 60 percent of their debts on average, according to the National Center for State Courts. The traditional solution for getting noncustodial parents to pay up is to send them to court and then jail if the judge finds them in contempt. This method has proven ineffective, perhaps because sitting in jail makes it hard to write checks -- and even harder to earn money so those checks actually clear. So instead of sending already financially struggling parents to jail, more than half of states now have programs to help noncustodial parents overcome the barriers that are keeping them from making good on their child support payments.

A discussion of the solutions to solve the dead beat dads problem

Contact Us Finding deadbeat dads One of the most common requests to come into our offices is to find people who purposefully go missing. Fleeing from responsibility does not free them from that responsibility. In those cases, we will find out where the deadbeat dad works.

Once locating the company, the authorities can take money from his wages to pay for the support. In addition to helping women collect the child support they need to care for their children, we can help women looking for alimony payments they were promised as well.

When we are trying to find out where the individual works, we will first use our main computer system, a proprietary system that can make it easy to find nearly anyone.

It contains all of the publicly available information on the web, but it lets us access this data quickly. By cross-referencing this data with other information from state, city, and county records, it gives us a good indication of where the person is working.

A discussion of the solutions to solve the dead beat dads problem

In those cases, finding out where he works takes a little more time, but it is possible. It entails surveillance of the subject. Once we know where he stays or where he lives currently, we can simply tail him and follow him to work.

This lets you know exactly where he is making his money, and we can provide photo and video evidence for you to use with the DA and the courts. No one gets into a relationship with someone thinking that it will end poorly.

A discussion of the solutions to solve the dead beat dads problem

Fathers who skip out on their children and who do not want to pay to help raise them need to be taken to task and brought to justice.

While everyone may go through difficult times and it might sometimes be hard to pay, there is no reason to hide over it. Talking it over with the courts can help people come to an arrangement.

Finding deadbeat dads - Martin Investigative Services

Lest you think that only deadbeat dads are the ones who are out there and hiding their place of employment so they do not have to pay, quite a few others are trying to do the same. While it is far rarer, some mothers who have to pay child support may attempt to hide their workplace. In other cases, someone who has to pay out toward a judgment against them will attempt to hide their workplace so they do not have to pay.

Some may even try to enter into arrangements with employers so they are paid under the table and illegally. We will help to find those individuals as well. In fact, our highly trained and experienced investigators have the ability to help you find nearly anyone no matter where they might be trying to hide.

If you are in need to help finding out where someone works so he can be made to pay for their children or another judgment against them, you can count on us.

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For a free consultation, all you have to do is send an email or call us today. We are ready and willing to help.Of interest is the fact that, if % of the Deadbeat Dads fully carry out % of their financial responsibilities, the problem of fatherlessness is not addressed at all.

Only the financial burdens of the mother are lessened. Arresting dead beats dads will certainly put an end to non payment of child support.

Second, an educational program must be required while the dead beat dad is being jailed. This program would include the importance of a father figure in a child's life, financial support and benefits to the child.

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Updated on October 22, Word Pools he is a dead beat. I should of listen to friends and family when they told me what a LOSER he really is. I had him forcefully put out by cops. He is a 43 year old loser. the problem is that this rule will trap us in a cycle of poverty as this is the only.

Why is the state of Florida such a dead beat state for dead beat dads? Answer. I remember in the 70's many 'run away' fathers going to Florida to avoid paying child support, but dont remember why.

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