Ancient egypt nile river

Egypt is conquered by Alexander the Great The great days of Ancient Egypt fell between c.

Ancient egypt nile river

Egyptian Irrigation worshipped plenty Nilometers water lifting device

Every year, in the fall, the great river would overflow its banks. At first, the Egyptians lost their crops, their houses, and in some cases their lives. But the Egyptian people noticed after a time that the floods came about the same time every year, in June.

So they planned ahead.

They would make sure nothing important was on the banks of the river when it was time for the floods. Then, after the water level went back down, they would quickly plant new crops.

The floods brought good, fresh soil up onto the land.

Ancient egypt nile river

This soil was ideal for planting barley and other grains. The river also gave them a chance to catch many fish. The Egyptians would build boats out of wood or papyrus and soil up and down the river. They would use spears and nets to catch fish.

Egyptian Irrigation Works

They would also use nets to catch birds that flew close to the surface of the water. The Nile also provided protection from attack.

Ancient egypt nile river

People wanting to invade Egypt would have to first cross the river, which was very wide in places. The Egyptians could stand on their own side of the river and throw spears at their attackers.

Any attacker who did cross the river was likely to be tired from making the crossing. Another important way that the Nile helped the ancient Egyptians was in trade. Goods went to and from Egypt down and up the Nile, which had its mouth at the Mediterranean Sea.Culture Ancient Egypt was rich in culture including government, religion, arts, and writing.

The government and religion were tied together as the leader of the government, the Pharaoh, was also leader of the religion. The Nile is the longest river in Africa. It's also the longest river in the world! The lower Nile, where the Nile meets the Mediterranean Sea, flowed through ancient Egypt bringing all kinds of benefits like water to irrigate crops and a river for sailing ships from ancient Egyptian port to port.

An Introduction to Ancient Egypt Part 1: The Importance of the Nile

The Nile made it possible for the people of ancient Egypt to form the first nation in history. A nation may refer to a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnic background or history. ancient nile's free downloads: ancient egyptian music, graphics, gifs, hieroglyphs, wallpapers, screensaver, photographs, borders, sets, signatures etc.

Explore Egypt from the inside of the ancient pyramids to the banks of the Nile River.

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