Contact zones

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Contact zones

She received her B. In it Pratt uses the research of William Labov to show that all narratives contain common structures that can be found in both literary and oral narratives. In her more recent research, Pratt has studied what she calls contact zones - areas in which two or more cultures communicate and negotiate shared histories and Contact zones relations.

Pratt used her essay to discuss the obstacles and possible solutions for promoting language learning in America. Pratt frames her Contact zones with an anecdote from a multicultural wedding: The groom's family spoke Urdu, and the bride's spoke Gujarati and Urdu.

Both were practicing Muslims, but she was from southern California, sometimes regarded by northerners as too laid-back. The groom was attended by his two best friends from high school, one of Mexican- Jewish-Anglo parentage and the other of Chinese and Japanese descent via Hawai'i and Sacramento.

Pratt systematically challenges four common misconceptions about language learning: With each misconception Pratt shows how these factors have come together to create a resistance to language learning that has helped cause the national security crisis that the Critical Language Institutes are trying to solve.

Contact zones

Pratt shows hope for changing the public discourse and outlines four ideas that need to be promoted in order to encourage language acquisition in America.

Pratt sees a need to correct ideas about mono- and multilingualism. Americans need to be shown that monolingualism is a handicap and that relying on others' willingness to learn English will simply limit transcultural communication to "all but the most limited and scripted" exchanges [4] Pratt also calls more encouragement of heritage language learning and using local non-English linguistic communities to fulfill needs in language learning and transcultural understanding.

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Along with using heritage communities, Pratt wants to see educators place more emphasis on advanced language competency and create a pipeline to encourage those who are skilled in language acquisition. In order to bring about these changes, she calls on her fellow academics and other LEPs linguistically endowed persons to change how we discuss language learning in American public discourse.

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