Design textile coursework

Fashion Design Combine your design talent and creativity with technology.

Design textile coursework

Programme Overview Programme Overview In the Department of Fashion and Textiles at The Glasgow School of Art you will find an international community of around students at both undergraduate Design textile coursework postgraduate level. At undergraduate level there are two specialist programmes in both Fashion Design and Textile Design.

Design textile coursework

Fashion Design is concerned with the design of clothing. Fashion Designers consider the shape, cut, silhouette and construction of clothing and tend to think more three dimensionally when designing.

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Stage 1 1st Year — Underpinning Stage 2 2nd Year — Grounding Stage 3 3rd Year — Contextualization Stage 4 4th year — Expertise The programme is composed of two subject specialisms - menswear and womenswear - which enable depth of enquiry and subject specialist expertise.

Selection for a subject specialism at the end of Stage 2 will be determined on evidence of aptitude and potential. This increasing singular subject specialist focus of study will provide the means to examine the parameters of each subject specialism in depth.

The curriculum of each pathway and stage provides a sequential learning experience to ensure continual development from Stage 1 through to Programme completion. The curriculum of each stage is structured in to courses which are project based. Projects and courses vary in length within and across the three academic terms of each stage.

Project based enquiry is core to the curriculum. A range of core competencies essential to Fashion Design inform the curriculum content, structure and organization as well as the learning and teaching approaches and assessment criteria. The programme promotes a culture that recognizes teamwork and interdisciplinary peer learning as well as independence as essential elements in the effective practice of Fashion Design.

Students will be supported to: Honour and learn from Fashion Design traditions and look to the future at the same time. Balance originality of concept with design viability. Stretch, challenge and integrate digital technologies alongside labour intensive handwork and limited production.

Engage in critical reflection in response to individual Fashion Design interests. It is an externally linked critical mass of diverse research expertise in broad-based critical studies for contemporary creative practices in design.

The range of teaching styles varies from traditional keynote lectures to interactive discussion groups and experiential learning.

Design textile coursework

Courses are constructed in order to both underpin studio practice and to open out and extend the range of student research. Students requiring learning support are provided with additional teaching tailored to individual needs.Prior Park College. One of the UK's largest, co-educational, Catholic, independent senior schools, set in a breathtaking location overlooking the World Heritage city of Bath.

GCSE Design and Technology (Textiles Technology) Teachers' Guide 3 2. COURSE STRUCTURE Written Paper Unit 1 Controlled Assessment Unit 2 40% 60%. Diplomas & Certificates in Education Increase your leadership & expertise!

The Faculty of Education offers teachers and other education professionals a variety of learning options – including certificates and diplomas – that will add value to, and increase your expertise in, your chosen specialization.

Undergraduate Programs. B.S. in Apparel and Merchandising. The Apparel and Merchandising emphasizes the study of apparel and textile design, product development and sourcing, and the promotion, distribution, and retailing of consumer goods in the global environment, while fostering awareness of cultural diversity and a commitment to social responsibility.

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