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Natural writing experience; Convenient stylus; Large, lightweight design The Cons Prohibitively expensive; Limited to PDFs and writing; Cumbersome sync with no cloud option Verdict The Sony Digital Paper is an electronic paper tablet that's natural to use but offers limited features. Review Electronic paper, the easy-to-read display technology used in Amazon's Kindle e-readers, is expanding into more-high-end devices. Similar to the reMarkablethis slate provides a natural-feeling writing experience that is far closer to what you get with pen and paper than with an iPad and Apple Pencil. The DPT-RP1 still earns our respect, as its stylus offers a few tricks that make it a lot easier to work with.

Digital paper

Moisture control Digital paper direction Understanding these properties is the first step in understanding which papers to recommend to your customers. Curl Control Built-in curl ensures that paper will travel the paper path in a piece pf printing equipment without interruption and will lay flat once it has been printed.

Excessive curl can result in a finished product that does not lay flat. Too little curl can cause jams. The benefit of proper curl control is jam-free, superior runnability.

Surface Sizing A material, predominantly starch, is applied to the surface of the sheet during production to control the absorption of ink into a sheet, thus affecting toner adhesion and inkjet print quality.

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The benefit of proper sizing is optimized print quality. Ultra smooth papers provide sharper imaging in laser applications. A different, lesser level of smoothness is manufactured into inkjet papers to control blurring and feathering of ink as it lands on the surface of the paper.

The benefit of a sheet with the proper smoothness is a crisper, better-defined image. The brighter and whiter a sheet is, the more vibrant the print image will be. The benefit of a brighter, whiter sheet is intense contrast and truer color interpretation.

Stiffness The stiffness of a sheet refers to its resistance to bending and folding. A stiffer sheet will feed and run through the paper path without jamming. The benefit of a stiffer sheet is superior runnability and less equipment down time. Formation Formation refers to the disposition and distribution of the fibers in a sheet of paper.

The closer or tighter the distribution of fibers, the better the sheet formation. Formation can provide higher opacity, providing better results when duplexing, as well as even ink distribution.

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The benefit of a sheet with superior formation is less mottle in the printed result. Improperly sheeted products can cause miss-feeds and paper jams. The benefit of precision sheeting is a jam-free run on complex equipment. Too little moisture will cause static build-up and cause paper curl.

Digital paper

The benefit of proper moisture control is superior runnability and jam-free operation. Grain Direction Grain refers to the predominant alignment or direction of fibers in a sheet. Paper folds easier and resists cracking when folded with grain direction i.

The benefit of matching grain direction to score and fold direction is cleaner fold with no cracking of the printed sheet. Premium business papers were developed specifically to address the changes in the digital printing marketplace.

Technology opened the market for premium business papers. What are Business Papers? Business papers are precision cut-size papers, usually defined as the following sizes:Scrapbooking Papers - Digital or Printable: Our collection of scrapbooking papers can be printed for regular scrapbooking and card making or used on your computer for digital scrapbooking.

Here's a set of 12x12 inch digital papers featuring chevrons, quatrefoil and other basic patters in navy and green. There's something so joyful about this color combo, which is probably why it features a lot in weddings and nursery decor.

Company. International Paper is one of the world’s leading producers of fiber-based packaging, pulp and paper, with 52, employees operating in more than 24 countries. As part of our series on Digital Scrapbooking, here's a list of my favorite sites to find free digital scrapbook paper to use in your page layouts!

Wedding digital paper. 12 + 2 BONUS wedding digital paper pack: 'RUSTIC WEDDING' with white wedding background, white wedding textures, white wedding damask, vintage wedding paper, burlap wedding backgrounds, grey linen background, white lace, grey wood texture/background, grey damask, burlap lace digital paper, quatrefoil background, watercolor quatrefoil for scrapbooking, wedding .

Kelly Paper offers more than 1, different types of paper and specialty substrates engineered specifically for digital printing. Whether you are printing business cards, postcards, synthetic documents or customized ID cards, Kelly Paper has the right product for your unique digital application.

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