Essay on traveling around the world

Steven Lewis Having no one to travel with is one of the most frequently cited reasons that prevents people from going traveling.

Essay on traveling around the world

Hope this is OK. D Why travel around the world?

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The world around you is amazing! It's beautiful and we have the opportunity to do whatever we desire.

Essay on traveling around the world

The big blue sky with the sun's rays shining through fluffy clouds. Mountains which reach the sky like a stairway to heaven. Travelling and exploring new places is an incredible experience if you have the chance. With everything being so expensive, it's difficult for some people to go on adventures around the globe.

I know I would! Why do people travel? Is it just for a business meeting or to see the family? There are hundreds of reasons. My reason is, for being a tourist, exploring and enjoying learning about other countries and their cultures and traditions. As someone once said, 'the world is your oyster''.

We should embrace it, and take advantage of what we have been given. Whether you believe it or not. God made this incredible place for us. Seeing all the power He has and its beauty gives a feeling of awe. Stunning sights take my breath away! Is it not interesting finding out how other people live their everyday lives which they take for granted?

It is as if they are blinded by the beauty around them. Then there's a paragraph about my experiences of travelling I have wonderful memories and stories of all these places. I dream of more places like those! They were all times of being with my family.

However annoying and irritating they may be, its fun! When I am lying on my death bed, these are the things I hope to think off. You cannot say that you do not want to feel the way I do, about visiting these remarkable places. There are thousands more too. Near where you live and far far away in unknown lands Some of the most astonishing places are the unexpected and hidden places.

Be brave and let loose your desires! Taste new foods even if you think you wont like them.

Essay on traveling around the world

You may be surprised Explore and take more photos. The memories are treasures!Reaction Paper Writing: Travel Essay Topics access_time March 28, A reaction or so-called response paper is a type of research paper which includes reading and analyzing of the text or any other piece of information or media content, then writing all your thoughts and feelings about it.

Sep 16,  · How to Get Paid to Travel Around the World.

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In this Article: Working in the Travel Field Documenting World Travel Teaching Others Community Q&A Wanderlust hits some people harder than others. If you have a passion for traveling and cannot imagine living out the rest of your days in one place, consider looking for work that will pay you to travel.

Information and stories about traveling around the world on trains. Read about rail travel and find out what it's like to travel by train. A photo essay that takes the reader from Los Angeles across the country by train on the California Zephyr, Amtrak’s cross country train. Traveling doesn’t have to mean going all over the world, however.

You can learn so much just from traveling to another part of the United States. The way people live in the south can be very different and interesting compared to here in the North. What’s your favorite place around the world?

Big question, we know. We proposed this question to a few of our travel bloggers. This photo essay is a result of those travel bloggers favorite place around the world.

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