Francisco balagtas writing a check

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Francisco balagtas writing a check

Thursday, December 2, Francisco Balagtas Considered to be the Filipino equivalent of the renowned William Shakespeare, Francisco Balagtas, or Baltazar to some, had a big impact on Filipino literature.

During his work as a house keeper for the Trinidad family in Tondo, Manila, the head master allowed Balagtas to study at the Colegio de San Jose where he had the privilege to study under the great writer of Tondo, Jose de la Cruz. Although it was evident that Balagtas was a gifted writer, Cruz always wanted him to push himself to be better and to refine his skills.

His most famous and celebrated piece of writing is the masterpiece Florante at Laura. Balagatas was inspired to write such a tale after his move to Pandacan inwhere he met the lovely Maria Asuncion Rivera. The story of Florante at Laura begins in a dark Albanian forest where the main character is tied to at tree after being exiled from his kingdom.

Florante is in a state of despair after receiving news that his father had be murdered, and his beloved Laura was forced to marry his child hood rival Adolfo. All hope seemed to be lost until he was r escued by a Persian prince named Aladin. Florante narrates his life story to Aladin and explains that he had met Adolfo during his childhood years while studying in Athens, Greece.

Adolfo, once praised as the smartest student, became jealous and resentful after Florante surpassed his skills and attempted to kill Florante. After sharing expeditions with Menandro, Florante would meet his beloved Laura, through the ruler of Albania, King Linseo.

The two men are interrupted by the events of Flerida saving Laura from a rapist, and they are all reunited at last. Peace and prosperity were achieved in the two kingdoms with the return of their rightful rulers. Francisco Balagtas passed away on February 20th,at the age of 73 sealing his legacy as a great poet.

Before his death, he uttered his last wishes that his children would not have to endure the pain and hardship that he faced throughout his life as a poet.

It is very admirable of Balagtas to dedicate his life to his passion of being a poet, even though it caused him much grief and pain.

He wanted to share his gift with the world, and to represent Filipino literature at its best, even at the cost of his own suffering.Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC (WFCS) and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC, separate registered broker-dealers and non-bank affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company.

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francisco balagtas writing a check

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