Health and behavioral consequences of binge drinking in college a national survey of students at 140

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Health and behavioral consequences of binge drinking in college a national survey of students at 140

Health and behavioral consequences of binge drinking in college a national survey of students at 140

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Injury and violence prevention: Jossey-Bass, pp Effect of community-based interventions on high-risk drinking and alcohol-related injuries. Effectiveness of multicomponent programs with community mobilization for reducing alcohol-impaired driving.

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This study examines the individual correlates of college student binge drinking.

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METHODS. Questionnaires were completed by a representative national sample (n = 17,) of students on campuses in Binge drinking was defined as five or more drinks per episode for men and as four. Jun 28,  · Keywords: Alcohol drinking, College students, Public health, Community health, Belgium.

Dowdall G. et al.

Correlates of college student binge drinking.

Health and Behavioral Consequences of Binge-Drinking in College - A National Survey of Students at Campuses. JAMA. ;. Results.—Almost half (44%) of college students responding to the survey were binge drinkers, including almost one fifth (19%) of the students who were frequent binge drinkers.

Frequent binge drinkers are more likely to experience serious health and other consequences of their . Health and Behavioral Consequences of Binge Drinking in College: a National Survey of Students at Campuses.

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