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Hello everyone and welcome to episode 2 of the Strong Words Podcast. Do you really need to hire a copywriter? The main reason for NOT hiring a copywriter is money. But even then, a copywriter can help find your company voice, if you find the right one.

Laurie brekke big ink writing services

We were doing our normal daily gig, and then coming home and writing for Hayneedle at that time it was Netshops because I was working there. Then I quit Netshops, turned around, and made them our biggest client.

We went through the whole arc. First, it was just trying to get information out there. Then it was trying to craft these really long, elaborate stories. And then it kind of reversed, and everyone was shipping all of their copy overseas to be written.

But it would come back, and it would be horribly misspelled, grammatically incorrect, just awkward.

laurie brekke big ink writing services

Shoppers want to know the facts. They are smarter, too. People want a little bit of story or a little bit of sass. Because [good writing] builds trust. So we are like the head of the domino effect for online retailers Q: How much have you grown in the past 10 years? When we started out it was very part time, only a couple thousand dollars.

Especially since we came to the Mastercraft.

laurie brekke big ink writing services

Last year was our biggest year yet. How many episodes of your podcast Worlds of Wayne have you done now?

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When did you start that? I started Worlds of Wayne nine years ago. Laurie and I used to have a show—it was very popular actually—it was called Freelance America.

Then we had another called Love, Sex, and Business, which was all about working with your spouse. We now have five podcasts. We do Worlds of Wayne. We do Necronomicastwhich is a horror podcast. So with all this experience doing podcasts, what were some of the mistakes you made?

Are you kidding me?

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And I had to call him back and pretend that I had more questions, and then do a recorded interview so that I had something for the podcast.

Which podcast is your most popular? But when we did Freelance America, we were surprised how that took off. In the short time we did that, it was huge.

Mainly because it was a very specific niche. Same thing now with Strong Words. I hate that word. I just like kitties. You guys do writing, art, music, podcasts, etc. It took us ten years. She keeps everything wrapped up.Read all about The Mastercraft. Big Ink Writing moves to NoDo office Dec 28, Big Ink Writing Services co-owners, Wayne and Laurie Brekke N.

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Read all about The Mastercraft. Big Ink Writing moves to NoDo office Dec 28, Big Ink Writing Services co-owners, Wayne and Laurie Brekke N. 13th Street Omaha, NE [email protected] Feel free to visit. People Search | Laurie Brekke, Josh Hidalgo, David Petryk