Problems faced by mutual funds in india

How to switch to direct plans of Mutual Fund?

Problems faced by mutual funds in india

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There are many platforms with different features and pricing. Hence, let us discuss this which is best suitable for you. What is a Direct Mutual Fund? Whereas regular mutual funds mean investors buy through middlemen online or offline like mutual fund advisers or brokers.

Problems faced by mutual funds in india

Due to no middlemen cost, such direct mutual funds offer you at lesser expenses than regular funds. The direct mutual fund has lower expense ratio than regular funds. However, the difference varies based on the type of funds you choose and the particular fund.

Returns Due to less expense ratio, the returns will definitely higher than the regular funds. Even though the difference is around 0. For example, let us say Rs.

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Look at below chart. Image Courtesy- Kuvera Do remember that in the case of both regular and direct mutual funds, the investment objective, asset allocation pattern, risk factors and the fund managers are same.

But due to the difference in expense ratio, your possibility to earn more than regular will be sure. Expense Ratio As I explained above, due to the absence of middlemen the expense ratio of direct mutual funds will be lower than regular plans.

Whereas the expense ratio of direct funds is 1. The difference of 0. Even though such difference may not look big. Do remember that the expense ratio between direct and regular will not be same for all types of schemes and for all funds.

It depends on the category of the fund and depends on the particular mutual fund. However, if you look at debt funds, the difference is lesser than equity funds.

Hence, the expense ratio between direct and regular funds depends on the category of the fund and the particular fund.

Problems faced by mutual funds in india

Control in your hand Due to the absence of any middlemen, the control of investment is in your hand. You can manage your money as per your wish but for that, you must know what you are doing!! Disadvantages of Direct Mutual Funds Service hurdles As there are no middlemen involved, you have to take care of processing activity which involves like KYC formalities and all.

If you opted for offline mode, then form filling and submitting to respective AMC is the headache of yours. Along with this, in a later stage, you may need to change the bank, nominee or change in KYC. In such situations, it is you who has to take care of all these processes.

May not suitable for all If you are a DIY investor or hired a fee-only planner, then such direct funds will give you an edge over regular funds.

Hence, knowing about yourself and the need choose between direct or regular.

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Best Direct Mutual Funds Platforms in India to invest online Now you understood the meaning of direct mutual funds and to whom such funds are suitable.

Currently, there are around 19 platforms through which you can invest in direct mutual funds. Choosing the best direct mutual fund platforms among them is not so easy but not so difficult also. However, considering the cost factor, I have shortlisted as below. Note— Platforms which are totally free of cost are highlighted with green.Abstract The challenges which the mutual fund industry had to face are low customer awareness and financial literary pose which act as the biggest challenge to .

About Us. ABOUT AGLOC (INDIA) The Association of Gold Loan Companies is a non–profitable Organisation formed with an intention to work for the welfare and benefit of the member companies. mutual funds. Further the fund houses have show very limited role in mutual funds distribution.

The India Post network operating the largest postal the challenges and issues faced by the Indian mutual fund industry will need to be addressed at the earliest.

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Know about latest updates in Finance, Tax, Investment, Insurance, Saving and Government policies on Economic Times. The main objective of the study is to examine and study the problems of mutual funds in our country. An extensive field work was undertaken by visiting UTI, Prudential ICICI Mutual fund, JM Mutual fund, IDBI Mutual fund, SEBI, AMFI etc to study the problems of mutual funds.

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