Role of computer in modern world

Here you will find all the essays of student level. Some people even didn't know what is a computer? However, most of the people today not just knowing what is a computer, but understand how to use a computer.

Role of computer in modern world

The way I see it, engineers and their innovative ideas have been encouraged for benefiting humankind. We directly or indirectly dependent and constantly interacting with our environment.

For our human sustains we sometimes harvest and extract all the available resources from nature. It is our responsibility as an engineer to minimise the over usage of resources and the effect of damage on the ecosystems.

Engineering is the process of applying scientific concepts in practical applications with respect to inability and it can also says that translating theoretical research into practical solutions which is an application for the society needs. Engineering creates new options and opportunities for the modern world to explore.

Now days, systems are designed in a very complex way and frequently developed by multidisciplinary teams.

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Role of engineer is very crucial in protecting the environment and people within it. Moreover engineering efforts aims for the continual growth of human population and ensuring there are sufficient and required resources for the people in the future.

A significant motive of engineering is that of connection and globalisation. As technology progressing exponentially communication gap between rests of the world is becoming shorter which is leading to globalisation, greater opportunities.

Engineering encourages a sense of awareness and togetherness Humans have always sought to improve the way they live. Engineering is all about making people healthier, more comfortable, safer and richer in their daily lives and experiences. We live in a world shaped by engineering.

Engineers contribute significantly to global wealth creation. In the developing world, engineers are making a real difference in improving lives: Satellites designed by engineers can offer pre-warnings of potential natural disasters and, as in the case of the devastating tsunami can be programmed rapidly to provide critical data about the worst affected areas, genuinely helping rescuers to save lives.

Thanks to engineers, many of us enjoy better healthcare, greater life expectancy and a good quality of life. We can get to college or work every day, and travel around the world for our basic needs or holidays. We are better fed, better clothed and better housed, and we live in a safer environment.

Goal of Machitron Blog In this modern world as we know, no product or organization are working on single engineering discipline.

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We shall call it as multi-discipline engineering, it is progressing everywhere in the organizations, for reaching designing and manufacturing process of desired products. Here my point is to get interdisciplinary engineering knowledge or Integrative structure, which is the Intended result of the interdisciplinary operation.

Interdisciplinary understanding is the capacity to integrate knowledge and modes of thinking in two or more engineering disciplines areas to reach the market. We need to learn how to occupy different disciplinary perspectives, and to talk critically but reasonably across these perspectives.

The goal of this Machitron blog is to gather together all the passionate people of different disciplines of engineering and to learn to interrogate multiple ways of knowing and the structure of knowledge itself. We must develop a reflective and explicit knowledge of how disciplines work, the issues and problems they can address, and the strengths and limitations of each discipline as well as the possibilities of interaction between them.

Role of members in Machitron Blog Do you like intellectual stimulation? Do you enjoy taking on challenging problems? If you do, however, engineering technology is for you We are here just because we hold our passion and interest towards applying ideas on current technology. We need to open up with our contributions in exploring the discussions and ideas.

Let us talk about happening modern world and try to think in making the technology in a more better efficient way as much as we can. Suggestions to the Members Take Every Opportunity to Learn about Engineering Technology Learning about engineering technology will be a lifelong process, but it should begin now.

Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.World War One was the first global war in which airplanes were beenused to fight each other (though not the first EVER conflict- thatwas in the Italo-Turkish War of ). the positive role of technology and why parents should embrace the online world.

Helping you and your kids navigate the modern world. Resources for: Parents; The positive role of technology: why parents should embrace the online world.

July 3, and I’m passionate about helping parents face the challenges of the modern world. Role of mobile in the modern world: This is the burning question all over. Most people would not think twice about saying that a mobile phone is an integral part or our modern day life.

The Role of Computers in Modern Life.

Role of computer in modern world

The Role of Computers in Modern Life. April 11, | Author darpan.

Role of computer in modern world

The fact that computers they give opportunities to millions of people to keep in touch, while being in different parts of the world. There exists also an idea that computer is an electronic brain that people can rely on. Yeah. The Birth of Modern Computing discover the intriguing story of her life, Charles Babbage, and their role in the 19th century development of the computer.

This collection of videos takes us through the Four Generations of computers, starting with Colossus, the world's first electronic computer (launched in ), and finishing with the.

Information of Communication Technology on the Influence Performance of Secretaries in the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve modern offices. The modern world of high technology could not .

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