Rule of law coursework

Prior to graduation, every student must satisfactorily complete: Students completing Sections b and c of this requirement must submit certification of completion to the Academic Services Office. Part-time students in the Evening Division are exempt from section c.

Rule of law coursework

They will work for firms of solicitors, for corporations, for the state, for the people, for themselves, for the United Nations, for think tanks, for NGOs, for schools, and for universities. Whatever law graduates do in their professional lives, they will be expected not only to possess knowledge of the laws, but also to have a particularly well-developed insight into the meaning and significance of "the Law" as a collection of institutional and cultural phenomena.

In order to meet this legitimate expectation, law graduates should be capable of speaking and writing in a way that is informed by a reasonably Rule of law coursework conception of the Rule of Law, and this whether or not they are called upon to make explicit reference to the Rule of Law.

They should be aware of its potential force as a thread that unifies "the Law" in its various institutional and cultural contexts.

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They should have an appreciation of the theoretical aspect of the Rule of Law. Is it merely a negative virtue, or does it entail positive goods? What has it meant to the greats of political philosophy, ancient Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle and modern Hobbes, Locke, and Nietzsche?

What does it mean to contemporary thinkers? Students should also have an appreciation of its applied aspect.

What are the implications of the Rule of Law for private law, for public law, for criminal law, for international law, for legal ethics, and for business regulation? How is the notion of the Rule of Law used in public debate?

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Intended learning outcomes A student who has successfully completed this subject will: Generic skills On successful completion of the subject, students will have developed their skills in the following areas: Deep understanding of the key questions, debates, and texts in the Rule of Law tradition; Mastery of technical research skills relevant to the Rule of Law; Expert, specialised cognitive and technical skills for critical and independent thought and reflection in connection with theoretical and practical aspects of the Rule of Law; Expert, specialised cognitive, creative and technical skills to address problems connected with the Rule of Law; and The ability to expertly communicate specialized and complex information, ideas, concepts, and theories relevant to the Rule of Law to specialist and non-specialist audiences.Except for students transferring from another ABA-accredited law school, or graduates of foreign law programs applying for Advanced Standing (see Rule XXVI), no credit toward the J.D.

degree will be given for coursework done before matriculation at CUA Law. Lecture The PROLAW Visiting Lecturer Series Loyola University Chicago has invited rule of law professionals from development agencies, non-governmental organizations and other universities to share their experiences with future rule of law leaders and the rule of law community at large.

Frequently Asked Questions Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools. The online Official Guide allows you to download Standard Information and Employment Summary data charts for each ABA-approved law school.

The Guide also contains links to other legal education statistics and resources.. Accreditation Process. How does the accreditation process work? Estoppel is a judicial device in common law legal systems whereby a court may prevent, or "estop" a person from making assertions or from going back on his or her word; the person being sanctioned is "estopped".

Estoppel may prevent someone from bringing a particular claim, particularly if a promise unsupported by consideration [clarification needed] is being relied on by the other party.

Rule of law coursework

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The International Human Rights/Rule of Law Initiative provides students with extensive exposure to human rights and rule of law issues as they arise in domestic litigation, international human rights complaints, policy work, international field work, coursework.

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