Summary of the dark is rising

Will Stanton discovers that he is an Old One, destined to protect the world against the Dark. Will must find and join six great Signs as a powerful tool in the eternal battle between good and evil.

Summary of the dark is rising

This novel is set in Susan Cooper 's childhood home of Dorney in Buckinghamshire. Summary On Will Stanton 's 11th birthday, he discovers he is the last of the Old Onesbeings with ancient knowledge of the power of the Lightand must collect and join Six Signs to wage a battle against the Dark.

He is aided in his quest by Merriman Lyonthe first of the Old Ones, and races to retrieve the signs before the forces of the Dark, led by the mysterious Black Rider. Dogging his footsteps is the sinister yet somehow sympathetic Walkerwhose role in the struggle along with Will's family reveals the cruel consequences of loved ones caught in the middle of a timeless war.

When the Dark starts to rise, Will with the help of Merriman Lyon and Herne the Hunterstall the Dark in their effort and wait until the second and final rising.


Plot The story begins on a snowy Midwinter's Eve in the Stantons' household in the village of Huntercombewhere Will awaits his eleventh birthday, living his apparently ordinary life. He goes out with his brother James to feed their pet rabbits, before the two of them head out to Dawson's Farm, passing Rooks' Wood and heading along Church Lane.

Both of them notice that the animals in the vicinity - the rabbits and the rooks - are nervous and fearful, and for no apparent reason. Whilst on Church Lane, Will notices a man watching them from the side road, apparently a tramp, who disappears from sight.

The Dark Is Rising Book Review

Arriving at the farm, they meet Old George and Frank Dawson. When James mentions the tramp, they catch Mr Dawson's attention.

Summary of the dark is rising

After hearing the description, he states mysteriously that 'the Walker is abroad', and that 'this night will be bad, and tomorrow will be beyond imagining. He tells him to keep it with him at all times, and not to tell anyone about it.

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The two boys also meet Maggie Barnes the dairymaid at the farmhouse, who apparently has a liking for their elder brother Max. The boys leave with some mincemeat for their mother, and on the way back past the churchyard, they see the old tramp again, who is imminently attacked and scared away by rooks, much to the confusion of the boys.

Night has fallen by the time they arrive home. Will eats with the rest of the family; all but one of his siblings, Stephen Stantonis not there. Eventually he goes to bed, but whilst preparing for bed, he is stricken with an inexplicable fear; although everything seems perfectly normal, Will can sense that something is wrong.

As he tries to sleep, he is attacked again by this mysterious threat, and he begins to scream, as though trapped in a nightmare. The skylight in his room is thrown open by the storm outside. His brother Paul comes to comfort him and offers him his room for the night.

Taking the iron circle with him, Will retreats downstairs, but not before finding a black rook feather in the pile of snow that has come in from the open skylight.

He recalls Mr Dawson's words about the next day as he leaves his room. The next morning, Will is woken by music, which fades away as he wakes. The house is silent on Midwinter's Day. As he looks outside, he hears the music again, and again it stops.

He goes to wake his brothers Robin and James, but for some strange reason they don't wake, and remain in a deep sleep. He shouts in the silent household, but nobody responds. Will dresses and leaves the house through the back door. The world outside is also completely silent as he walks, and again he remembers Mr Dawson's words:The Dark Is Rising is a series of five contemporary fantasy novels for older children and young adults that was written by the British author Susan Cooper and published to The Dark Is Rising, the second novel in the series, was published in The characters in THE DARK IS RISING are more fully developed than those in the first book in the series, and many readers skip the first book entirely.

Will struggles with his new identity, and readers see him mature: "Will was instantly a furious Old One, so furious that he did not pause to think what he should do.".

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It's the most wonderful time of the year. Well, for everyone except Will Stanton. You'd think the fact that his birthday is right around the corner would make him happy, but the guy's annoyed—all he wants for his birthday is for it to snow, and he's pretty sure that won't happen. Free summary and analysis of Part 1: The Finding, Chapter 1 in Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising that won't make you snore.

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