The single tool of persistence essay

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The single tool of persistence essay

She is mom to a left-handed 6-year-old boy and a hand-talker fond of hyperbole. My persistence led to the publication of my new book: Connect with Jordan on her blog, on Facebookand on Twitter. And there are countless how-to books and many more online seminars that claim to have the bullet proof answer to publishing fame and fortune.

And what, precisely is persistence?

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Persistence is an attitude of flexibility and curiosity, rooted in passion or love for your craft, bolstered by treating your entire writing journey as a practice. In a practice, you are working a little bit every day and sometimes a lotand you focus on the moment more than the end goal.

The most persistent writers want success as much as anyone, but they treat it as an end goal and put their focus on doing the work itself.

Ironically, the most successful writers are often the ones who think the least about success and focus on the daily practice of pen or keyboard to page.

The single tool of persistence essay

Never Wait in Vain: Waiting for a publication, a publisher, or agent to get back to you can be agonizing. All writers have a comfort zone, be it genre or topic, or a certain kind of character.

You want to take healthy risks, those that expand and stretch you, not discourage and thwart you. Go where you feel electricity, energy, desire, and trust yourself to rise to the occasion. Persistent writers accept that we need other writers—be it for cheerleading, or resource sharing, feedback or commiseration.

Persistent writers have to say no a lot. They say no to allowing interruptions to their writing time; to letting the wrong people read their work; to social activities in favor of writing time.

They learn to treat writing time as work time. Take Side-Doors and Back-Alleys: Some of the most persistent writers I know did not listen to only accepted advice. I know writers who sold books straight to publishers without an agent. Those who self-published first and caught the attention of a big publisher.

Those who freelance wrote for local publications and worked their way up to big publications bit by bit. Plant a Passion Root: I saved the best and most important piece of advice for last.

Plant your own roots of purpose deep in the ground of meaning. Your passion root can be something such as: Following what you love most about writing will help you stick to it through all the hardships.

Try to remember that everything you do for your writing practice is like collecting individual rain drops in a bucket. On their own, each sentence, each story, each bright, tiny moment of success may not seem like much, but they add up to so much more than you can see at any given moment.

Your joys, your obsessions, your curiosities and interests are deeply important in persisting at a writing practice.

The single tool of persistence essay

Where can you draw passion from about what or why you write? What burns hotly inside you and needs to be expressed? And who are the people who can best support you in doing this?How to best deal with the persistence of the paper record is still an open problem.

However, the VA is carefully studying when, where, and why clinical users would develop these paper-based information tools to supplement or work around the EHR.

However, single parents, especially single mothers encounter serious challenges related to parenting. Single parenting is a succession of constant mental torture because of .

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They got organized. Seifert and his neighbors discovered that voting was the best tool they had to improve their community.

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Single parenting is a succession of constant mental torture because of .

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