Write in the rain notebook

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Write in the rain notebook

Rite in the Rain paper is a great product that allows you to write in all weather conditions, and is available in many formats: I chose a stapled notebook, as the hardcover books cost a bit more than I was willing to spend.

Write in the rain notebook

The stapled notebook feels very sturdy and durable. The logo and name of the book are boldly displayed on the front cover; while some people may not care for this, I rather like it, as I feel it adds to the character of the book. The inside front cover has space for you to write your personal information, as well as a description of the project you are working on, if you are using the book for a particular project.

The edge of the inside front cover has a 6-inch ruler, the back cover a metric ruler - a practical touch for people working out in the field. The pages are numbered and the first page has space for you to create a table of contents. As someone who frequently numbers the pages in my notebooks by hand and creates tables of contents for them, I wish more notebooks came with this feature.

The white pages are ruled with blue lines and have a slightly waxy feel.

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The back cover bears the motto, "Outdoor writing products Not being sure what exactly constituted an "all-weather pen", I decided to test a variety of pens in the notebook to see how they behaved.

All of the pens, except the ballpoint, took a long time to dry, with the liquid ink pen and the Uni-ball Signo being the worst. To simulate rain, I sprayed the page with water.

The Hi-Tec-C virtually disappeared, the liquid ink pen turned into a puddle of blue, and the Signo and Sharpie Pen also seemed to dissolve a bit into the water.

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The ballpoint seemed to stand up to the water fairly well and the pencil did as well, of course. I blotted the water away: To my surprise, all of the pens but the Hi-Tec-C were still readable. However, probably in conditions of sustained rainfall, all pens would eventually wash away.

Ballpoints could probably be used if you were only expecting slight or occasional rainfall. Even if the book was not going to be getting wet, the slow drying time involved would render use of any pen other than a ballpoint impractical.

Probably best to stick to a pencil. So I tested it out:Jan 28,  · The Rite in the Rain Bound Notebook is an all-weather, hardcover outdoor journal that's lightweight with a slim profile, easy to carry for backpacking and travel, and great for journaling each trip.

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Shop Rite in the Rain 3X5 All-Weather Notebook | Be The First To Review Rite in the Rain 3X5 All-Weather Notebook + Free Shipping over $ Rite in the Rain, Tacoma, Washington: Rated of 5, check Reviews of Rite in the Rain, Outdoor Equipment Store now I work on deep ocean oil rigs and the one thing I have had the whole time is a Rite in the Rain notebook in my pocket.

I Can't go wrong in any way without them also I used their pens for everything I have to write/5().

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